Pirates and Bounty hunters
Adam simons elara 6 8 15

Bounty hunter Elara

Adam simons captain 6 8 15

Horrible Captain Jim

Adam simons bdas pirates crew 01as

Below the decks crew

Adam simons pirates 6 8 15

Fightn' pirates

Adam simons bdas pirateship 30 6 15

Pirate ship 1st pass

Adam simons pirateship concept 02

Pirate ship, further designs

Pirates and Bounty hunters

Some character designs from a school project at AIE.
Elara is the leader of the BDAS bounty hunter team and Jim is a pirate that has stolen a mysterious treasure.

More artwork
Adam simons lets dth whitemage 30719 flatAdam simons lets dth swordlady 21719 flatAdam simons lets dth knight 7719 flat